Kingdom Living & Wealth Building

What is the Kingdom Living & Wealth Building Program?

Kingdom Living and Wealth Building is a financial education series that takes a comprehensive approach to financial empowerment rooted in spiritual principles. It emphasizes understanding one’s relationship with our Heavenly Father and recognizing his divine ownership of all resources. Key components include business ownership, financial responsibility, saving with a purpose, creating a diversified portfolio, giving back, and seeking opportunities for personal growth and learning. Our approach advocates for strategic planning, collaboration, and wise counsel to build wealth, minimize taxes, leverage cash/credit effectively and giving back. It also will require a shift in your mindset from instant gratification to long-term wealth-building principles. TFC Kingdom Living and Wealth Building series aims to empower individuals to achieve financial freedom while growing their spiritual values and principles.

Our Philosophy

Why Choose Us?

Kingdom-Based Approach

Our methods are not just about numbers; they’re about proper stewardship, God’s wisdom & promises to build wealth, and prosperity grounded in faith.

Personal Experience

The founders of Kingdom Living and Wealth Building have personally gone through the process of financial transformation. Their firsthand experience adds authenticity and passion to the program, as they understand the challenges and triumphs of the journey.

Proven Track Record

We have worked with hundreds of clients to help them build wealth with an understanding of the importance of giving back using their Time, Treasures, Energy, and Influence.

Your Path to Financial and Spiritual Growth

Step 1: Assessment

Begin with Clarity

Begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your financial situation and goals.

Comprehensive Evaluation

A thorough analysis of your current financial standing, your talents & gifts, passion, marketplace needs plus your spiritual objectives.

Goal Setting

Define short-term and long-term financial aspirations that align with your faith.

Step 2: Customized Plan

Chart Your Unique Course

Create a personalized financial roadmap tailored to your needs and values.

Tailored Financial Roadmap

Creation of a personalized strategy that reflects your spiritual’s values and financial needs.

Values-Based Objectives

A plan that respects the ethical and spiritual directives of your community.

Step 3: Congregation Presentation

Engage and Enlighten

Deliver engaging presentations to your congregation, sharing valuable insights, practical applications and strategies to start your personal plan.

Interactive Workshops

Interactive sessions to share knowledge and actionable financial strategies with your congregation.

Strategic Insights

Delivery of key financial trends and statistics designed for congregational understanding and empowerment.

Step 4: Follow-Up

Supporting You At Every Milestone

Provide ongoing support at key intervals:

30 Days

Review progress and address any questions or concerns.

90 Days

Adjust the plan as needed and celebrate achievements.

180 Days

Final assessment and setting new goals for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Meet the Team

David Pack

David Pack serves as the guiding spirit behind Trinity Financial Consulting, bringing strategic and compassionate financial stewardship to churches and businesses nationwide. As President, he blends acute financial acumen with a soulful approach, believing deeply in enriching lives both materially and spiritually.

Educated at Indiana State University with a major in accounting, David’s wisdom is backed by a notable 28-year tenure in commercial lending and banking leadership. His service extends beyond the financial realm; as a commissioned Military Officer and a dedicated Indiana Army National Guard veteran, David has lived the ethos of service and leadership.

David’s entrepreneurial spirit flourishes Trinity Financial Consulting and his partnership with mentees and community members, notably through Trinity Elite in the real estate sector and M14Hoops Basketball Academy, fostering growth and opportunity in the Indianapolis & Cincinnati areas. His commitment to legacy is evident as a former life insurance agent, educating loved ones on the value of leaving a lastingfinancial foundation.

Mentorship is at the heart of David’s work, shaping the next generation of leaders in his community and nurturing young minds in programs like Big Brother Big Sister. His counsel in Eastern Star Church’s Financial Freedom Program reflects his passion for guiding others to fiscal and spiritual liberation. David is a board member at the School of Business at Indiana State University and created a minority scholarship fund to support future generations.

At home, David is a devoted husband to Robin, celebrating over a quarter-century of marriage, a proud father to three, and a loving grandfather. His passions are as grounded as they are lofty, finding joy in travel, the leisure of golf, the pursuit of continuous learning, and reflective moments in God’s word. Family remains his cornerstone, the ultimate testament to his life’s work.

In David Pack, you find more than a financial consultant; you encounter an advocate for a life lived abundantly, a believer in the power of investment—both in one’s portfolio and in one’s soul.

Traci Bowman

Traci Bowman stands as a beacon of financial wisdom and a catalyst for change as the Senior Vice President of Kingdom Living and Wealth Building at Trinity Financial Consulting. With her diverse expertise as a financial coach, educator, speaker, and upcoming author, Traci’s holistic approach to wealth management transforms mere survival into thriving abundance.

As the founder and CEO of Plan To Win, LLC, and a devoted Stewardship Consultant for Financial Planning Ministry, Traci is driven by a deep-seated passion for liberating individuals from the shackles of financial uncertainty. Her guiding philosophy is rooted in the transformative power of a renewed mindset—a conviction that the right financial perspective can forge a path to true freedom and holistic prosperity.

Traci’s journey over three decades has been marked by entrepreneurial triumphs and a steadfast commitment to our Heavenly Father and community upliftment. Her tenure as the Stewardship Manager and Financial Coach at Eastern Star Church, under the esteemed leadership of Pastor Jeffrey A. Johnson, Sr., showcased her remarkable influence in fostering financial well-being within her faith community. Her initiatives have not only steadied financial ships but also steered them towards richer horizons, emphasizing the intimate connection between financial health and spiritual vitality.

A veteran entrepreneur, Traci has woven a tapestry of successful ventures that testify to her versatility and acumen. Yet, her heart beats for more than profit margins; it resonates with the pulse of a populace yearning for balance and breakthrough. Recognizing that financial imbalance can precipitate stress, health issues, and relational fractures, Traci addresses monetary matters with a compassionate, comprehensive methodology that heals and harmonizes.

As she steps into her role at Trinity Financial Consulting, Traci Bowman brings a wealth of experience, a passion for education, and an even greater wealth of faith. She is not just an advisor; she is an advocate for a life where financial stability and spiritual enrichment walk hand in hand, leading many from mere existence to experiential exuberance.

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